Prescribing Data December 2016


Information on community pharmacy activity and direct pharmaceutical care services, covering October 2016 for all NHS health boards. Publication Date 14 March 2017

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
HBT text Each NHS health board has a unique nine digit code identifying the NHS board where prescribing of an item took place, based on boundaries as at 1st April 2014

Health board labels

GPPractice numeric Unique five digit numeric GP practice code identifying where the prescribing of an item took place. If it is not possible to determine the exact location from which a prescription originates it is assigned to an unallocated practice code. __Unallocated__ practice codes have been assigned the 99997. Prescriptions that originated from a __dentist surgery__ have been assigned the code 99999. Prescriptions that originated from a community __pharmacy__ have been assigned the code 99996. Prescriptions that originated from a __hospital__ have been assigned the code 99998.

GP Practice labels

BNFItemCode text A 15 digit British National Formulary (BNF) Item code in which the first seven digits are allocated according to the categories in the BNF and the last 8 digits represent the medicinal product, form, strength and the link to the generic equivalent product. The BNF Item Code takes the following form: *Characters 1 & 2 show BNF chapter; *3 & 4 show the BNF section; *5 & 6 show the BNF paragraph; *7 shows the BNF sub-paragraph; *8 & 9 show the chemical substance; *10 & 11 show the product; *12 & 13 show the strength and formulation; *14 & 15 show the link to the generic equivalent product: Where the product is a generic, the 14th and 15th characters will be the same as the 12th and 13th character; Where the product is a brand, the 14th and 15th characters will be the same as the generic equivalent (if this exists); Where the product is a brand and a generic equivalent does not exist, the 14th and 15th characters will be “A0”. There are items within the prescribing dataset (mainly from the additional chapters that are included as appendices within the BNF or not listed in the BNF) that have a shorter BNF item code which has been manually input to allow users of the data to identify the BNF chapter, BNF section, BNF paragraph, and BNF sub-paragraph an item aligns to. These items follow the numbering convention above for the initial six digits.
BNFItemDescription text The drug item description as it appears in the latest edition of the British National Formulary (BNF), detailing the product name, formulation and strength.
NumberOfPaidItems numeric The number of paid items relates to the number of prescription items dispensed and for which the dispenser has been reimbursed. An item is an individual product dispensed, e.g. 100 aspirin tablets of 300mg. There should be a maximum of three line items on a prescription; this should be three individual products defined by active ingredient, formulation type and strength for medicines, with appropriate parallel measures for appliances. A compounded product with a known formula will count as one item despite the number of ingredients.
PaidQuantity numeric Paid quantity of an individual item for which the dispenser has been reimbursed, eg 100 tablets.
GrossIngredientCost numeric Paid Gross Ingredient Cost (excluding Broken Bulk) is the cost of drugs and appliances reimbursed before deduction of any dispenser discount, i.e. the basic price of a drug as listed in the Scottish Drug Tariff or price lists. Note that this definition differs from other parts of the UK. The figures are in £s and pence. The Gross Ingredient Cost measure excludes broken bulk, that allows a contractor to claim a complete pack where a prescription is received for a product which comes in a larger pack and there is a risk of no further prescriptions for the product before the stock expires.
PaidDateMonth numeric The date (YYYYMM) in which the prescription item was processed for payment.

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