Daily Case Trends By Health Board

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Daily and cumulative counts and rates for positive COVID-19 cases, negative cases, deaths, Testing by NHS Labs (Pillar 1) and UK Government (Pillar 2) at Health board level. New Covid-19 Hospital Admissions and New Covid-19 ICU admissions are provided in this file for Scotland only. Daily figures of hospital and ICU occupancy at Health Board and Scottish level are also reported in this file.

The number of deaths is defined as the total number of individuals who die within 28 days of a laboratory confirmed report of COVID-19 and are registered with National Records for Scotland. Please note that the updated methodology for determining COVID-19 related ICU admissions has been applied to the historic data. The updated definition is as follows: A patient who has tested positive for COVID at any time in the 21 days prior to admission to ICU, or who have tested positive from the data of admission up to and including the date of ICU discharge. COVID-19 admissions have been identified as the following: A patient's first positive PCR test for COVID-19 up to 14 days prior to admission to hospital, on the day of their admission or during their stay in hospital. If a patient's first positive PCR test is after their date of discharge from hospital, they are not included in the analysis.

In the data presented here, an admission is defined as a period of stay in a single hospital. There may be multiple admissions for a single patient if they have moved between locations during a continuous inpatient stay (CIS), or if they have been admitted to hospital on separate occasions.

The number of reported acute hospitalisations does not take into account the reason for hospitalisation. Therefore, people that were admitted for a non-COVID-19 related reason (and tested positive upon admission) may be included and result in an overestimation of COVID-19 related acute hospitalisations.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Date numeric Date of specimens taken or patient date of death.
HB text
HBName text
DailyPositive numeric
CumulativePositive numeric
DailyPositivePCROnly text
CumulativePositivePCROnly text
DailyPositiveLFDOnly text
CumulativePositiveLFDOnly text
DailyPositivePCRAndLFD text
CumulativePositivePCRAndLFD text
DailyDeaths numeric
DailyDeathsQF text
CumulativeDeaths numeric
CumulativeDeathsQF text
CrudeRateDeaths numeric
CrudeRateDeathsQF text
PositiveTests numeric
PositiveTestsLFDOnly text
HospitalAdmissions numeric
HospitalAdmissionsQF text
ICUAdmissions numeric
ICUAdmissionsQF text
PositivePillar1 numeric
PositivePillar2 numeric
FirstInfections numeric
FirstInfectionsCumulative numeric
Reinfections numeric
ReinfectionsCumulative numeric
PercentReinfections numeric
PercentReinfectionsCumulative numeric
TotalTests numeric
TotalPillar1 numeric
TotalPillar2 numeric
TotalLFD text
HospitalOccupancy numeric
ICUOccupancy28daysless numeric
ICUOccupancy28daysmore numeric

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