Sub Health and Social Care Partnership Areas

Defined in the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 as a smaller area within the borders of a Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).

Each sub area (also referred to as Locality or Community Partnership) has been agreed in consultation with local professionals and communities and relates to natural communities. Locations of GP practices are taken into account. They vary in size according to local circumstances.

Methods of creating the Sub Areas vary between HSCPs and include use of building-block geographies, use of best-fit building-block geographies, communities and drawing lines on a map.

Within some HSCP Sub Areas are then aggregated to form larger administrative or operational geographies, which are also made available if sent from source.

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Kilde All HSCPs have submitted geographies created locally
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Last Updated August 27, 2021, 15:34 (BST)
Oprettet Juni 12, 2018, 15:13 (BST)
Contact Address Public Health Scotland, Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 9EB
Subject NHS Ayrshire & Arran, NHS Borders, NHS Dumfies and Galloway; NHS Fife; NHS Grampian; NHS Highland; NHS Lothian; NHS Western Isles
Frequency Updated as boundaries change
Time frame of data and timeliness Correct upon release any further changes or updates to boundaries will be revised accordingly
Coverage Built on datazones (2011) complete coverage to Health and Social Care Partnership
Completeness 71%; Aberdeen City HSCP, Aberdeenshire HSCP; Angus HSCP, Argyll and Bute HSCP, Clackmannanshire and Stirling HSCP, Dumfries and Galloway HSCP, Dundee City HSCP, East Ayrshire HSCP, East Lothian HSCP, Edinburgh HSCP, Fife HSCP, Highland HSCP, Midlothian HSCP, Moray HSCP, North Lanarkshire HSCP, Renfrewshire HSCP, Scottish Borders HSCP, South Ayrshire HSCP, South Lanarkshire HSCP, West Dunbartonshire HSCP, West Lothian HSCP and Western Isles HSCP
Accuracy Best fit to datazones; 100% fit to HSCP
Concepts and definitions Sub HSCP Areas are also referred to as Localities or Community Partnership. These have been developed locally for local analysis and is a not common geography used for national analysis.
Disclosure No disclosure has been applied
Revision statement No revisions have been applied
Official statistics designation Non Official Statstics
Relevance and key uses of the statistics Reporting for HSCPs
Format csv
Sprog English

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 Part 2 Community Planning Guidance

Aberdeen City HSCP

Aberdeenshire HSCP

Angus HSCP

Argyll and Bute HSCP

Clackmannanshire and Stirling HSCP

Dumfries and Galloway HSCP

East Ayrshire HSCP

East Lothian



Highland HSCP

Moray HSCP

Renfrewshire HSCP

Scottish Borders HSCP

South Ayrshire HSCP

South Lanarkshire HSCP

West Dunbartonshire HSCP

West Lothian HSCP

Western Isles HSCP

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