Learning Disability Inpatient Activity

These files present information on patients with learning disabilities who have been cared for as inpatients or day cases in psychiatric hospitals and certain care homes contracted by NHS Boards within Scotland. The period covered is financial years 1997/98 - 2021/22, for all NHS Boards of treatment.

All publications and supporting material to this topic area can be found on the Public Health Scotland Website. The date of the next release can be found on our list of forthcoming publications.

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Kilde Scottish Morbidity Record 04 (SMR04) dataset
Forfatter PHS Mental Health Team
Version 1.0
Last Updated Januar 30, 2024, 09:30 (GMT)
Oprettet Februar 12, 2020, 17:33 (GMT)
Contact Address PHS Mental Health Team, Public Health Scotland, Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 9EB
Subject Mental Health
Frequency Annual to March 2022. To be confirmed after consultation for future releases.
Time frame of data and timeliness SMR04 data up to 31 March 2022.
Coverage Psychiatric hospitals and certain care homes contracted by NHS Boards within Scotland, 1997/98 - 2021/22.
Completeness The latest data completeness figures for SMR04 can be obtained from the following page: https://www.opendata.nhs.scot/dataset/scottish-morbidity-record-completeness
Accuracy A data quality assurance exercise for SMR04 was carried out in 2015/16, with assessment of agreed data items at submitting hospital sites across mainland Scotland. The results are available here: https://beta.isdscotland.org/products-and-services/data-quality-assurance/dqa-assessments/
Continuity of data There have been no methodological changes compared to last year's publication.
Concepts and definitions A glossary defining the terms used in this data release can be found in the Learning Disability Inpatient Activity full report: https://beta.isdscotland.org/find-publications-and-data/conditions-and-diseases/learning-disability/learning-disability-inpatient-activity/
Disclosure Statistical disclosure control has been applied. For more information, please refer to the PHS Statistical Disclosure Control Protocol: https://beta.isdscotland.org/media/4191/public-health-scotland-statistical-disclosure-control-protocol.pdf
Revision statement The SMR04 dataset is dynamic and subject to change. Future releases may include revised data for previous years.
Official statistics designation National Statistics
Relevance and key uses of the statistics There are many users of the SMR04 data, including the Scottish Government, NHS clinical and medical staff, PHS, charities, and members of the public. Some of the purposes this information is used for are: NHS Boards benchmarking their performance against other NHS Boards; Scottish Government Health Department for a variety of purposes, including to support the development, implementation, and monitoring of policy and performance; a range of users request information on the number of discharges by particular geographic breakdowns; press and media use the information to inform public debate and discussion.
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